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The Pain of Grieving

Grief affects everyone differently, but one thing I know, all grief is real, regardless of the circumstance. A dear friend of mine, recently lost her husband. I can't begin to understand what she is dealing with or will continue to deal with, but my heart breaks for...

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What I’m reading this month

I'm reading up a storm this month and I'm loving it! It's been so long since I've had a chance to just read...maybe it's the cold weather, maybe it's the fact I can't sleep but I'm going through a book every two or three days and it's amazing! I know you understand...

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Self Care Tips for Writers

I am very thrilled to have Dave Chesson here once again! If you don't know Dave, he's the amazing Kindle Kindle Marketing Jedi and brains behind Kindlepreneur.com and the KDP Rocket (link at bottom of post). He's someone I highly recommend writers follow! Last year, I...

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You are not alone

Do you ever find you have days when even the simplest of tasks seem more difficult than they should? Or when you know you have a to-do list a mile long but the only thing you can do is curl up on the couch with a blanket and binge watch a show you weren't remotely...

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The Truth About My Stories

Every author is inevitably asked the following question: why did you write this story? Looking back, my eyes were recently opened to a truth I'd never admitted. Before I was published, before I'd written Finding Emma, there was something missing from the stories I'd...

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Steena Reads: In Her Bones

I always look forward to that moment when I've been able to close my laptop, step away from edits and pick up a book I've been waiting to dive into. In Her Bones by Kate Moretti is one of those books. Have you read it? I love Kate's books, I'm a huge fan, so it was a...

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Writers Helping Writers with prizes

This time of year, there’s always a lot going on and stress can creep in as we rush to prepare for the upcoming holiday. So, to help focus on the good things and celebrate this terrific writing community we’re all part of, I’ve teamed up with Becca & Angela at...

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What are you reading?

Can you believe it's the holiday season? Where did this year go?So much has happened this year - it's crazy to realize just how different my life is right now compared to 12 months ago.But...that being said, this post is about books, not about the...

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