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(not necessarily in that order)

Hi, I’m Steena…

And like you, I’m a book lover. If I’m not writing, I’m reading (and I tend to stay up way past my bedtime more often than I like to admit) and I love to share these books over on Facebook. I have a few groups over there I’d love for you to join…

Before I was a writer, I was a reader – just like you! I remember skipping classes in highschool, just to sit on the floor in the library so I could read.

Also, like you, I have stacks of books that I need to read and yet I keep filling my kindle or a book bag with more books to read! It’s not a bad problem to have though, right?

On Fridays, I like to post my #fridayreads book over on Facebook in a fabulous book group called Readers Coffeehouse! I hope you’ll come join me!  

What you can expect from my books…

With over 40+ novels, I’ve written a variety of genres from sweet romance to women’s fiction to psychological suspense. From dark family secrets to charming towns and settings in Europe, I’ve got you covered.


Let's Travel Together


If you love to travel like I do, if you enjoy chocolate and exploring cobblestone streets and sipping decadent coffee at a local cafe…I hope you’ll come with me !

Sweet Tour of Paris -> September 2022
Chocolates & Tulips River Cruise -> March 2023
Sweet Tour of Paris -> October 2023
Pasta & Pastries in Italy -> 2024 

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