Forget love – just pass the chocolates! (and the coffee, blanket, tissues and a good book to read)

Alone. No groom. All eyes on her…it’s a brides worst nightmare.

Left at the alter, everyone blaming her for the groom’s cold feet, all Wynne can do is place a smile on her face and take one step forward: right into the arms of chocolate, because, chocolate is a jilted bride’s best friend, after all.

With a not-so-secret passion for chocolate, Wynne focuses all her energy on making her new business venture – Chocolate Blessings, a store full of chocolate and gifts, a success. Which really isn’t all that hard, think about it – what woman doesn’t like chocolate?

But, despite all this, Wynne can’t ignore those sweet and utterly delectable dreams of love that refuse to go away.

In her dreams, Wynne is dancing in the arms of a very strong and handsome man. But which man? Is it the one she turned away from years before out of fear, or the one who left her standing at the altar? Wynne has no sweet clue.

To the surprise of her best friends, Wynne finds herself knee-deep in planning her ex-fiancé’s engagement party. In the whirlwind that occurs, Wynne must decide which man she is still in love with – the one who walked away or the one in her dreams.

This sweet romance is sure to touch your heart and have you looking for some chocolate to eat. This novel is a Christian / Inspirational Romance.



Only $0.99!



This was my first novel ever published.

It’s had a few name changes / cover changes

but it’s been updated since it’s first release in 2005.


I hope you enjoy it! 

This novel may contain the following:

chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

kittens, sweet romance, inspirational romance theme,

 soul mates, happily ever after

and did I mention…chocolate?