Halfway to nowhere

Best friends forever. Until a decade-long secret comes between them. Even the strongest bond can’t survive some truths.

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There’s a reason Nikki hasn’t been back to Halfway, and it has everything to do with her secret son and her best friend. But, she’s soon finding out that when it comes to small towns and their secrets – there’s no place to hide.

 Becky Jennings is the town sweetheart living her best life—at least that’s what everyone thinks. With a growing baking empire, and married to the town hunk who also runs the town Christmas Tree farm, she has everything she could ever want. Except for one thing—a child to complete their happily ever after.

Halfway in between

Does love stand a chance in the face of a lie?


Nikki Landon is settling back into life in her hometown of Halfway, even helping to organize the annual Pumpkin Festival, and everything feels close to perfect, especial with the bloom of new love and a relationship with Parker Rhodes. Despite growing closer, Nikki can’t help but feel that there’s something—or someone—coming between them.

Melissa Tait-Rhodes never intended to keep one of the town’s biggest secrets: especially since it’s her own. But, after living a lie for over ten years, it’s starting to take its toll. Not only on her but her brother-in-law, Parker, the only other person who knows the truth, as well.

Secrets in a small town always seem to have a way of coming out, and when Parker finally comes clean with the truth, Melissa’s carefully constructed deception begins to crumble. It doesn’t take long for both Nikki and Melissa to realize that if they aren’t careful, this is one secret that could destroy everything, including what they both want more than anything—to be with the one they love.

Halfway to Christmas

Christmas…it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Except, when it’s the busiest time. 


It’s barely been a year since Nikki Landon and her son, Ryan returned to town. But a lot has happened in such a short time, and this year, with her new love by her side, the holidays are set to take on a whole new meaning.

Despite how busy Becky Jennings and her husband Matt are running their tree farm, Christmas has always been a time for love, laughter and…baking. Now, with a baby on the way, their lives are about to change—but is all the stress starting to take its toll?

Melissa Tait has spent the last nine years celebrating the holidays without her husband Wade. Now that he’s returned, the whole family has a lot of adjusting to do. But is it too much?

After ten years away, Nyah Henderson has finally returned to Halfway to take over her father’s medical practice. As happy as she is to be home, small-town life can be tough. Maybe the holiday season is just what she needs to find her way?

Join the women of Halfway, Montana as they celebrate love, friendship and the benchmarks of life this holiday season, while learning some hard life lessons along the way.