The Library of Christmas Memories

Some Christmas trips should come with a warning label…


Wandering through the Christmas Markets in Europe is one of my happy places and I love that I’m able to host Reader Trips to Paris and beyond as we explore the Christmas Markets together. 

The Library of Christmas Memories is a new series based on my Christmas Market reader trips, featuring a group of friends who have become family over the years. They call themselves the Tinsel Travelers and I hope you’ll enjoy their trip to Belgium as secrets are exposed that are life changing.

This story is set in Belgium – specifically the markets in Brussels and Bruges (my favorite chocolate town).

I hope you enjoy the read!


Some Christmas trips should come with a warning label…

Every year the Tinsel Traveler friends visit Christmas markets in different countries. This year is Belgium. 

Mara wasn’t planning on going though, she was grieving the loss of her mother Stella. But her Tinsel Traveler friends – women who have become her family; Donna, Jo-Jo, Kat, Sandra, and Lucy, weren’t leaving one of their own behind.

If it wasn’t bad enough Mara had to be ready to leave in two days, Lucy gives her the first of a series of letters left by Stella, letters that reveal shocking discoveries and Mara questions if her whole life has been one lie after another. 

With each letter Mara reads, Stella reveals another truth.

Amidst the twinkling lights of Brussels and Bruges, Mara looks to Lucy for answers, and it turns out visiting Belgium wasn’t just about the lure of handmade crafts and the aroma of mulled wine, or even the amazing chocolate. The bed and breakfast they’re staying at holds the key to Mara discovering more about her past and learning the truth the whole truth to who she really is. 

And every Christmas trip must involve markets, carols, and of course chocolate 

During delicious chocolate walks and meanders through the Christmas Markets, not to mention tasting the different gluwein and endless hot toddies, Mara grapples with feelings of betrayal and forgiveness towards those she loves the most, she wonders if there are more secrets to come?

Explore fairy-tale Christmas Markets with The Library of Christmas Memories, the first book in The Tinsel Travelers Series, a new series that fans of Viola Shipman, Jenny Colgan, Rachel Hanna, and Mary Kay Andrews will enjoy.