A therapist must face her own worst fear
– one of her patients is a serial killer

Also available in paperback & audio

I knew the ending to this story before I started writing it…but I had no clue what was going to happen.
I discovered the plot as I wrote…much like you will as you read! It was such a fun experience writing this book for that very reason…

I hope you enjoy the read!


About the Book:

A therapist must face her own worst fear―one of her patients is a serial killer.

Danielle Rycroft suspects someone close to her has a dark secret. In the confidential setting of therapy, her patients share their anxieties and fears. Now, with a string of murders in town putting her on edge, Danielle’s own worries come close to eclipsing her patients’. In each case, the pattern is the same: parents killed while their children sleep blissfully unaware in their beds. Her best friend, Detective Tami Sloan, is the only person she has confided in.

Danielle believes that there’s still a secret one patient has yet to share. But which one? Behind a familiar face is a stranger who’ll do anything to hide their worst compulsions. The anxiety brings Danielle to her own therapist’s office, seeking counsel and comfort. But what is she willing to risk, and how much closer must she get, to stop them?

The Patient pulls you in by the heartstrings, plays them like a symphony, then careens toward the surprise finale like a skydiver without a chute.”

Author August Norman


“Steena Holmes has returned with another compelling page-turner. [A]n all-encompassing journey through the dark side of the human psyche, The Patient is a mind-bending psychological thriller that will leave readers on edge and gasping for breath right up to the final shocking twist. Brilliant!”

Author Heather Gudenkauf

New York Times bestselling author of The Weight of Silence and Not a Sound

“Gorgeously disturbing and endlessly surprising—an intense, thought-provoking, and riveting psychological puzzle of mind games. The Patient proves Steena Holmes’s infinite ability to create a taut, smart, and darkly captivating story. A psychiatrist with a serial killer as a patient—but which one? Terrific—and irresistible.”

Author Hank Phillippi Ryan

USA TODAY bestselling author of The Murder List