Sweet Christmas in Paris

December 2023 8 day Reader Tour with Steena

Christmas Markets, Christmas Shopping, and visiting a castle during the holidays!

Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
City: Paris, France
Hotel: La Maison Favart
Theme: Sweet Christmas in Paris

When joining reader trips with NYT Bestselling Author Steena Holmes, you will go on a sweet journey for the best chocolate, sights, and experiences. 

We explored Christmas Markets, shopped in Strasbourg and visited a real life fairy-tale castle…

Sweet Christmas in Paris Video Highlight

Here is a video highlight from our trip.

We spent time walking through Paris, stopping at the small markets we came across, spend the day in Strasbourg, took a dessert cooking class, sipped hot cocoa, ate a lot of chocolate and eclairs and even saw Pere Noel as he did his rounds in Montmarte!

Paris really knows how to Holiday!


The Weather! 

If you are expecting snow in Paris during the holidays, you’ll be surprised! As we meandered through the streets, we were kicking up fall leaves and even saw a rose bush still flowering close to the amazing Shakespeare & Co bookshop! 
Bring your waterproof shoes and coats though and don’t forget to pack an extra umbrella because it will rain – but rain in Paris just adds to the magic, don’t you think?


The Decorations 

Everywhere you walk you’ll see lights and trees, smell the irresistable scent of mulled wine and you can’t help but get that butterfly feeling when you realize you are in Paris!

The stores really do go all out – you must go visit Galleries Lafayette to see their amazing tree design suspended from the ceiling, or keep an eye upward as you walk along the streets, you don’t know what you’ll see – like stuffed teddy bears perched on window sills in Strasbourg. 

As you walk along the cobbled streets, you’ll pass by decorated Christmas trees, see garlands of greenery, hear music and don’t forget to peek into the windows of the chocolate shops for those amazing Christmas chocolates!  

Sweet Tour Itinerary


Day 1


We spent the day exploring the Left Bank, making sure to stop at Shakespear & Co. We ate one of my favorite crepes before enjoying a choux pastry from Odette and then found out way to a Christmas Market!

Day 2


Day trip to Rheims with a tour of the cathedral, followed by delicious lunch

at a 2 Star Michelin restaurant. 
Veuve Cliquot taught us the proper way to uncork a champagne bottle and which glasses to use (hint – it’s not the flute). Dinner was at La Petite Riche!


Day 3


Today was about finding the best croissant (by Claire Damon), the best chocolate macaron (by Jean-Paul Hevin) and of course – the best hot cocoa by Angelina!

We finished the day with a photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower. 


Day 4


We spent the morning at the Opera Garnier and watched them decorate their amazing tree! 

We then walked around for macarons and hot cocoa before nibbling on eclairs and spending some free time
at Galeries Lafayette!

We ended out day at the Moulin Rouge where enjoyed  – bottles of delicious champagne!

Day 5


A trip to a fairytale Christmas Palace is a must do during the holidays – especially it means we get to take a special course on the art of French dining while sipping champagne and enjoying more delicious treats. 

Not only was the castle decorated for the holidays but we even met the Count – talk about a memory making experience!

Day 6


Our last full day in Paris was spent at a Monet museum followed by time to walk through streets and stop for coffee. 
We had our farewell bubbles before departing for one of the best meals of the tour at Le Grand Vefour. The perfect way to end a perfect trip!

Let’s Travel Together

After a truly magical Sweet Tour in Paris, I can’t wait to do more tours with you! Check out my latest reads, latest releases and other book/travel news below!

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