About Me


I’m more than just a writer, a mother and wife.
Give me a glass of wine  – and I’m an open book!
Travel addict. Coffee lover. Reader. Lover of bubblegum jelly beans.

This Is My Story

From pastor to writer…the journey has been full of potholes, roundabouts, diversions and clear roads and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My journey has been about self discovery and the moment I realized I could write, my whole worldview of who I was changed. I gave myself permission to fail, to try, to succeed. I allowed myself to dream and hope again. 

For me, realizing my passion was to write, that THAT is who I am, I started to find joy in the roles I played in my life. Mother, wife, friend, writer … 
Now everything I do is about my passion. Whether it’s traveling, writing, visiting my daughters, enjoying each cup of coffee or snuggling with my furbabies…I am determined to live my life with passion and live it fully.

The Numbers

titles, translations and more

I have over 2 million copies of my books sold worldwide.
My novels have currently been translated into 7 different languages.
I have currently written over 40 titles (under various pen names).


Foreign Translations


quick facts

facts and fun tidbits


  • Named in the Top 20 Women Authors to read by Good Housekeeping
  • Saving Abby was listed in 2016 Best Summer Reads by PopSugar
  • The Word Game won the 2015 USA Best Books for Fiction
  • The Memory Child finaled for best fiction in 2015 USA Best Books


  • Reached #1 on Bestseller list on Amazon
  • Winner of the 2012 Indie Excellence Award
  • Frequent guest speaker on how to use your brand to reach readers
  • USA Today Bestselling Author
  • New York Times Bestselling Author
  • I’m a travelholic and am always planning my next trip.

  • I’m afraid of heights
  • spiders/bugs/bees… yep, afraid!
  • HATE mushrooms (I term them devil’s dung)
  • LOVE the scent of vanilla
  • can’t stand anyone to touch my nose
  • I save love notes from my husband
  • I have a stash of chocolate hidden in a place I can’t even find