She wrote the book on escaping a predator… Now one is coming for her.

You know that feeling when you start a book, you think you know what’s happening, where the story is going, you start to lose a little interest but you decide to keep going and then BAM, it’s got your full attention again?

That’s what happened with me and this book. Someone’s Listening by Seraphina Nova Glass.

Before I keep going – yes, I recommend this read and yes, I think you should pick it up!

It’s been a hot couple of weeks and I was looking forward to a book I could read out in the sun. I loved the idea of this book – the premise really intrigued me. Dr. Faith Finley, the main character, is going through a rough time – her husband goes missing and the police think she’s involved. Then threats start appearing and she gets scared.

I would to.

The ending was unexpected and there were a lot of suspicious characters that I thought were totally involved. Trust me when I say, trust your gut when reading this book and be ready for an enjoyable read!

The perfect book for a perfect summer day. I hope you enjoy it!