A book with this title is a must read for me. Give me those lies, tell me those secrets, lead me on a journey full of surprises!

Lies, Lies, Lies by Adele Parks is my first book of hers but it’s not going to be my last.

This book is a delicious read. It’s one that moves along at a deceptive pace and hits hard in a lot of unexpected places.

From the very first page you are drawn into Daisy’s life – you can’t help yourself but feel for her, even though you’re not entirely sure why. The more you discover, the more invested you become at wanting to make sure she is safe, even if you have a hard time understanding some of her decisions.

The more you learn, the more twisted the story becomes. I fell in love with the writing, with how the author hid every single secret in plain sight and yet, I was still blind to them. I thought I understood this book, I thought I had the plot figured out…and I was wrong.

There are a few scenes that are tough to read but I found myself feeling so proud of the author for not shying away from the horrific truths, even when it left me squirrelling in my seat.

LIES LIES LIES is definitely a book I recommend reading.