Just let me start off by saying this: I read this book in one sitting. There’s a few reasons this book grabbed my interest, let me explain below.


Meet the first Mrs. Ford
Beautiful. Accomplished. Wealthy beyond imagination. Married to a much younger man. And now, she’s dead.

Meet the second Mrs. Ford.
Waitress. Small-town girl. Married to a man she never forgot, from a summer romance ten years before. And now, she’s wealthy beyond imagination.

The Wife Who Knew Too Much is a decadent summer thriller about the lives of those who will do anything for love and money. Who is the victim? Who is the villain? And who will be next to die?


Tabitha Girard had her heart broken years ago by Connor Ford. He was preppy and handsome. She was a pool girl at his country club. Their affair should have been a summer fling. But it meant everything to Tabitha.

There’s something about teenage love, that first love, that always stays with a person. Sometimes you find yourself thinking back, remembering those days…in this story, not only does Tabitha get the chance to rekindle that first love, but it shines almost as bright as the ring that gets placed on her finger.

There were times I wanted to shake this girl, tell her to see that this summer fling was just using her and yet, I kept turning the pages, even when I thought for sure I understood what was going to happen.

I was wrong.

The story starts with a diary entry that will stay with you, niggling at the back of your mind, skewing how you read this book. I loved it! These diary entries is what kept me reading, when I should have been sleeping.

You’re going to enjoy this one. Grab it, be prepared for the twists, the turns, the teases…because it’s going to be worth it.