My recommended read by Heather Gudenkauf

I’ve been sitting on this #fridayreads book for a while now…I’m so excited to finally help celebrate the release of Heather Gudenkauf’s latest book. When I started  THIS IS HOW I LIED I knew I was in for a treat (let’s be honest here…I’ve yet to read a book by this author that I haven’t loved).

Not sure if you know this about me or not, but I’m a huge believer that every book we read from an author should be better than their last. This goes for me as well…I try to practice this as an author by working hard to make sure each book I write is better than my previous one. 

This book – THIS IS HOW I LIED by Heather Gudenkauf is her best one yet!

I loved the layers, the detail, the depth she went with her characters and the twists…every time I thought I’d figured the plot out, I ended up being wrong. 

I’m sure you’ve seen her book everywhere on social media…and if you haven’t picked it up yet, I strongly recommend that you do!