Are you ready for your next book hangover? The one that makes selecting another book way too difficult? The kind that will linger in your thoughts not just for minutes but hours and then even days?

SISTER DEAR by Hannah Mary McKinnon is exactly that kind of book!

Hannah Mary McKinnon has proved to be the master at building the tension in her last novel. This dark, twisted and brilliant story weaves the suspense into a web of perfect secrets, but it’s the ending that will leave you completely under McKinnon’s spell. I was hooked, gobsmacked and enthralled from start to finish. If you’re looking for that book hangover feel…this is not to be missed!

My blurb for her book

The blurb above is from me for her story. As soon as I finished it I reached out and told her just how much I loved it…when I say it’s brilliantly written, I mean it! From page one, I was drawn in, connected with the characters, tagged along for every single scene and then BAM…that ending. I didn’t see it coming at all! WOW! For me, I love twisted reads that play with not only my emotions but with my mind and that is exactly what this book does!

I wanted to have a little fun with this #fridayreads and so I asked Hannah Mary McKinnon if she’d mind answering some fun ‘Canadian type’ of questions…and of course she was all for it! BTW…did you know that she’s the brilliant mind behind First Chapter Fun? You can find her and Hank Phillipi Ryan reading the first chapter of new and upcoming novels over on Facebook and Instagram!

Now for some fun…

1. What’s your favorite all-Canadian treat? BEAVER TAIL (Steena: yes, I had to make that all caps because these are amazing! They are my fav treat ever! Fried dough, slathered in butter and cinnamon sugar…so so good!)

2. If you had to choose – nanaimo bar or butter tart? Butter Tart – but no raisins. Rasins are evil (Steena: OMG I knew I liked this woman! Again, these are another fav treat of mine AND I hate raisins!!!)

3. Favorite place to visit in Canada? Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

4. If you had to ‘staycation’ this summer…what would you do? Read and hang out with my family (Steena: I have a feeling this is what we’ll all be doing this summer…)

5. What book would you recommend as a #fridayreads? Recipe for a Perfect Wife by Karma Brown