“Fresh. Riveting. Get ready for a long night because this is a book you won’t put down!”

20 years ago, a young woman was found dead. Today, in the same town, another is brutally attacked. This time, the truth will be heard. 


All it took was for me to read that quick little blurb and know I wanted to read this book. But it wasn’t until I turned to that first page that I knew this was a book I wouldn’t be able to put down.

The book read itself, the pages turned, the story continued, the ending came and I wasn’t ready.  

If you are looking for a fresh read, a voice that is unlike others you’ve read, if you are looking for a story that is current and timeless and will leave an indent – you need to prepare yourself for THE NIGHT SWIM by MEGAN GOLDIN.   

I was immediately mesmerized by the style of writing – to the point that I found myself wondering why I’ve never considered writing like this and why I haven’t read anything like this before now. 

There are so many current ties to life today in this story – from the Podcast theme that runs through the book to the #metoo, to sexual abuse that happens way too often, to victims to continue to be victimized by our society when they attempt to stand up for themselves.  

If rape is a trigger for you – this is your warning. It was hard for me to read at times, because I’ve been there and I understood the feelings involved.

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