psst…remember the contests I’ve had recently, the one for Tosca Lee and the one I hosted on my FB page…winners are listed below!

I’m sitting here, sipping my coffee, cuddling with Charlie and struggling with tears. I should be able to describe the feelings in my heart right now – the thrill, relief, gratefulness, excitement…but those terms are inadequate for what I’m truly experiencing.

The Patient is available and doing so well in the charts!

These past few days have been a wild ride for me. It’s no secret I’ve been stressing over this release…I wrote a book that went in a different direction than my others and while deep in my heart I KNEW you would all be okay with it, there was that fear telling me I’d made a mistake too. I’m so glad that’s not the case!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! For all the downloads. For all the reviews that are already posted. For all the purchases and comments and love everyone has been sharing with me since The Patient launched!

Now…onto the winners!

  • Tosca Lee selected a winner for her giveaway – Pam Gardner! Congratulations!
  • For giveaways over on my FB page all the winners have been contacted! Congratulations to Beth Ann Martinez, Teree Hokanson, Jessica Sommers and Jane Beeman!

PS…if you haven’t downloaded The Patient yet…you should 🙂

Oh…P.S.S…this past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving! We gorged on roasted turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and so many yummy desserts! I hope everyone who celebrated this past weekend had an amazing time with family and friends!