If you are a regular follower of my blog, you will recognize the name Tosca Lee. I’m a huge fan…and by huge I mean…she’s actually an author I stalked until she recognized me by name! (lol…you might think I’m joking but trust me, I’m not.)

She has a new release out today and I can’t wait to climb into bed and start reading it!

It’s release day for Tosca Lee and “A Single Light”!

A gift for you!

I rave about how amazing my readers are and Tosca is such a sweetheart – she’s offered to give away a set of books within this series to one reader! Yep, you read that right. She’s giving away a signed copy of both The Line in Between and A Single Light to one reader!

What do you need to do? I’d love for you to shower Tosca with release week love…find her on Facebook and say Happy Release week, buy one of her books and let her know what you’re reading…and comment below (you can wish her a happy release week here too and tell me which book of hers you’ve read).

It’s hard to choose a favorite book of Tosca’s. I first read Demon: a memoir and fell in love right away. Havah blew me away just as much (the story of Eve like you’ve never read) and of course I love her Descendants of the House of Bathory series – especially since I blurbed book 2). Do me a favour? Check out her books and let me know which you’d be interested in reading…

Remember…leave a comment HERE on this blog (only comments here, not via email or on my FB page will be entered). I’ll leave this open for the week and will announce a winner via my blog next week.