The Start of Something New

January. That's what this month always feels like to me: the start of something new. In all honestly, I'm not one who likes 'new' things. I like my comfortable ways, my familiar paths, my way of life. Push me too much out of my comfort zone and I get stressed and anxious and I withdraw into...

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December Feels

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve! I love the holidays, love everything it stands for: family, happiness, joy, peace...but this year, my 'mama' heart is a little heavy and it's mainly because not all my girls will be home for the holidays. I know it's a 'right of passage' when it comes to having older...

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November Notes

Can you believe we're through the first week of November? Life has a way of becoming a little crazy and before you know it, the year is up! I want to start off by saying thank you for all your support during the launch of The Patient! I really hope you all love the story as much I do! If you...

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October Note from Steena

It's crazy to me that it's October 1st. Simply crazy! This year has fled by so fast that looking back, I feel like I'm missing know? I'm not sure where my summer went and honestly - as I sit here and write this, I'm staring out on a backyard full of snow. This is NOT okay! This month...

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