It’s crazy to me that it’s October 1st. Simply crazy! This year has fled by so fast that looking back, I feel like I’m missing things…you know? I’m not sure where my summer went and honestly – as I sit here and write this, I’m staring out on a backyard full of snow.

This is NOT okay!

What's going on this month?

This month is going to be a busy one…I’m not going to lie.

  • The Patient finally releases on the 15th! (it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve had a new book out…1.5 yrs in fact)
  • I’m busy planning for my 2019 Christmas Market Reader Trip – in a little over 2 months I’ll been visiting London/Brussels and then Amsterdam with my family before we head on the cruise with those who are joining me! I can’t wait…it’s going to be awesome! I recently wrote about visiting the markets in Cologne, Germany…have you been?
  • I’m still trying to fix links on my website from when both my sites (Steena Holmes and Steena Travels) dropped and had to rebuild from scratch. That wasn’t very fun…
  • Out of three books I had on the go, I decided to focus on ONE for this month to write (and it’s a doozy…if you’re in my Steena’s Secret Society group on FB you know how much this story gives me all the tingles…)
  • Did I mention THE PATIENT comes out in 2 weeks???!!!!
  • Oh…and my publisher has placed all my books on sale this month – in the US and the UK (for $0.99 or so)

So this month, you can find me huddled in warm sweaters and scarves, adding cocoa to my coffee (along with a shot of Baileys or Kahlua), and writing furiously as a new character introduces herself to me (her name is Bree and oh boy…is her life about to get messy).

On a side note:

I’d love for you to join me in my awesome reader group – Steena’s Secret Society! I have some special things planned for this month, since it’s a special month to celebrate…why not join in! 

I like to have a personal theme for each month (I’m not sure if I ever shared that with you or not). This month’s theme is all about being cozy….especially since I’m so cold right now. For me, cozy is all about comfy slippers (which I’m wearing right now), clothing, hot cocoa (I’ll add it to my coffee) and of course…mugs to use while drinking that hot cocoa! (affiliate links included).