Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!

I love the holidays, love everything it stands for: family, happiness, joy, peace…but this year, my ‘mama’ heart is a little heavy and it’s mainly because not all my girls will be home for the holidays.

I know it’s a ‘right of passage’ when it comes to having older children. I understand that it’s all part of growing up, of the journey of motherhood…but it’s hard and sad and…I’m a little emotional.

My ‘monthly’ note is a little late, as you can tell, mainly due to being away for the first two weeks over in Europe with a few of my amazing readers – exploring some German Christmas Markets, dancing to polka and hiking to ruins – and when we came home, it took me about a week to unpack enough boxes to make way into my office so I could set up my computer…it’s crazy how unsettling moving can be!

With it being the eve of Christmas Eve…let me end my note by saying this: my prayer for you this holiday season is that no matter where you are, I hope you won’t feel alone, I hope that you know you are loved, treasured, and that I am honoured to have you in my life!

Merry Christmas!