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Guest Post: What’s on your #tbr pile?

I love chatting with fellow authors and finding out what's on their #tbr pile. I find it so interesting to see what we're all reading and I always end up adding more books than I really need. Wait...did I just admit that? Gah...I obviously need more coffee because who...

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Friday Reads: Top 5 Books from a Bookseller

How often do I get to have a bookseller guest post on my blog? This is so cool! Booksellers and librarians are my own special kind of hero because they get to work in books, recommend these amazing reads to people and help guide minds into the love of storytelling!...

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Friday Reads: I Wish You Happy

A little background on Kerry... Kerry Anne King is the author of the international bestselling novel Closer Home. Licensed both as an RN and a Mental Health Counselor, she draws on her experience working in the medical and mental health fields to explore themes of...

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Special Excerpt for The Forgotten Ones

In two weeks my latest novel, The Forgotten Ones will be out for everyone to read! I'm so excited! So far, readers in the UK and AU and I know you will love it too. Between now and it's release, I'm going to be writing a few blog posts giving you some behind the...

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Friday Reads: Virginia Franken

A little background on Virginia... Virginia Franken was born and raised in Medway, Kent, the place where Henry the 8th sent his wives on holiday in the hope that they’d be eaten alive by mosquitoes and save him the trouble of beheading them. Most her childhood was...

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Love at the Chocolate Shop Series & Marin Thomas

Taking part in the Love at the Chocolate Shop series was one of my favorite projects - how could it not be? I'm writing with some amazing authors and chocolate is the main character! Marietta is such an amazing town ... have you read any of the other Tule stories set...

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#FridayReads: Little Princes: Lost Children of Nepal

I'm currently reading Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal by Conor Grenan. I found out about this book while researching an idea for a story. I keep a notebook with me and I write down all these ideas that hit me and periodically...

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I love #fridayreads and I always seem to either be reading something awesome or need to be reading something awesome - which brings #fridayreads into play because so many of us love to share book titles on Facebook or Twitter. I have been waiting with baited breath...

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