As a solo traveler, I learned a few things that help to make my trips a little easier to manage.


There is nothing I love more than planning a trip! There’s a genuine excitement that fills me, follows me throughout the day and it doesn’t matter that planning, researching, making lists upon lists can eat up my writing day…I’ll do it over and over and over if it means I get to go on a trip!

I have a lot of tips and the list keeps growing – so I’ll continue to update this list.

If you are new to traveling or have never traveled solo…don’t worry! I know it can seem overwhelming, but hopefully these tips can help take some of that stress away.

Top Travel Tips:

  1. Use carry-on luggage only. You won’t wear/use/need 1/2 the things you’ve packed in your big suitcase.
  2. Tuck extra $$ away for emergency.
  3. Don’t be afraid to explore on your own. Solo travel can be an amazing adventure!
  4. Travelon Anti-Theft, RFID purses will be your lifesaver. This is one of my favorites (I have multiple styles now).
  5. Bring your cords! Don’t forget laptop/phone/ereader charger cords.
  6. Don’t be afraid to eat local foods…I’m not an adventurous eater, but I try to push myself out of my comfort zone once or twice in each place I visit. Try the local sweet. Sip a local drink. You might actually enjoy it! (for the record, I did not like alligator…but I tried it).
  7. Always keep your crossbody purse around your body. In moments of exhaustion – you might leave it at the train station and not realize your mistake till you boarded the train.
  8. If approached by someone asking if a lost item is yours … it never is and don’t interact! These are usually scammers looking to steal your packages, your possessions, your money. I’ve been approached a few times in Paris – someone asked if I’d lost a ring, right in front of the Louvre!
  9. Take a photo of your passsport, your credit cards (front and back), your drivers license and save them in a safe spot on your phone. One day, you’ll be surprised you’ll need these!
  10. Write down the address of your hotel, VBRO etc before you leave and keep it in your wallet.
  11. The smaller the menu, the better the restaurant. Don’t be swayed by those standing by the front door trying to get you inside their cafe.
  12. Don’t change your currency at the airport – you get the worst exchange!
  13. Unlock your phone and buy a SIM card when you arrive at your destination! Data can be expensive and even if you buy extra for your trip, you won’t always be able to access your google maps. (Trust me on this…)
  14. Don’t overplan your trip. Allow for rest days because you will be tired, your feet will be sore and sometimes you need to sit at a local cafe for hours and just relax!
  15. But don’t underplan your trip either! Give yourself a few options of things to do in case plans change, the weather sucks or you meet up with an unexpected friend.
  16. Depending on the time change, go to bed at the local time, the night you arrive – that way you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to start your first full day of traveling. No matter how tired you are after a long haul flight, do not go to sleep the minute you walk into your hotel room (unless it’s around 9pm…then enjoy your sleep!)
  17. Google flights / Sky Scanner are great tools for finding the cheapest flights. Be willing to be flexible though.
  18. If you collect points – don’t forget to book smart! I use Rakuten/Ebates when booking most of my travel – once my trip is done, it’s nice to see some extra $$ come my way!