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Steena Reads: A Family of Strangers

Could a lifetime of memories…be a lifetime of lies? I love anything when it comes to secrets - especially when they are lifelong secrets that impact families. There's something about the idea - how they impact everyone around us, ourselves and the lives we lead - it's...

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July Sales – just in time for my birthday

My birthday is in just a few weeks and I was thinking about placing a book or two on sale but my publisher beat me to the punch and placed ALL of my books I've published with them on sale! That's right - ALL 8 OF THEM! (insert a woot woot here if you'd like!) Let the...

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You Need To Read: Dear Wife

Who wants a new book hangover? Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle. This is the book hangover selection of the month! It's also now available to order! Click the link, buy the book (if you haven't already). Oh My SWEET JELLY BEANS. This book was good. If you read my original...

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What are you reading?

I leave tomorrow to visit my daughter and do some exploring with her - you can follow along on my travel blog - Steena Travels for updates if you'd like. While I'm gone, I'll be reading some ARCs on my kindle but I'm really excited about the books I'll be listening...

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My book hangover continues…

I have a question... What are you reading right now? Do you like it? Is it the type of book you can't put down, the kind where you're up all night, when you say just one more page or one more chapter... If so, I want to know about it! My kindle is full, my night stand...

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Steena Reads: Dear Wife

Be prepared for a book-hangover! I always think I'm ready for a Kimberly Belle novel. I know it will be a page turner, the beautiful cadence will tease me, the characters will be so well developed I feel as if I know them. What I'm never ready for is the ride Kimberly...

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What I’m reading this month

I'm reading up a storm this month and I'm loving it! It's been so long since I've had a chance to just read...maybe it's the cold weather, maybe it's the fact I can't sleep but I'm going through a book every two or three days and it's amazing! I know you understand...

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Steena Reads: In Her Bones

I always look forward to that moment when I've been able to close my laptop, step away from edits and pick up a book I've been waiting to dive into. In Her Bones by Kate Moretti is one of those books. Have you read it? I love Kate's books, I'm a huge fan, so it was a...

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What are you reading?

Can you believe it's the holiday season? Where did this year go?So much has happened this year - it's crazy to realize just how different my life is right now compared to 12 months ago.But...that being said, this post is about books, not about the...

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I’m Reading: Come and Get Me

You know when you've been in a funk and just can't get attached to anything you read? Yeah, that won't happen when you read Come and Get Me by August Norman. I started reading one night when I couldn't sleep. That was a mistake. I finally stopped ready by 5am ... lol....

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