Together we can make a difference!

Each Print Copy Sold Will Help!


So thrilled to announce that I am partnering up with The LifeLine Canada Foundation in working toward suicide prevention among out teens!

This is a personal cause for me as for the past three years we have lived within the nightmarish hell of suicidal intentions and depression with one of our teen daughters.

The LifeLine Canada Foundation is a wonderful resource for both parents and teens who need help.

BUY a print copy of The Forgotten Ones and I will personally donate 50% of my earnings to this charity!


I have an obsession and a new love

If you've been following me on social media, you know October has been a bit...busy. Not only was I neck deep in revisions for my latest novel, but I fell in love two weeks ago and if I haven't been cuddling him, I've been sharing photos of him! Introducing Charlie......

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November Notes

Can you believe we're through the first week of November? Life has a way of becoming a little crazy and before you know it, the year is up! I want to start off by saying thank you for all your support during the launch of The Patient! I really hope you all love the...

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So, I’ve been thinking…

In just a little over a month, I'm headed to Amsterdam for my first ever Reader Trip. It's an all-inclusive 8 day river cruise with Scenic touring the Christmas Markets in from Holland to Switzerland. It's going to be amazing! My husband and youngest daughter will be...

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Winner, Winners and Thanksgiving Dinner

psst...remember the contests I've had recently, the one for Tosca Lee and the one I hosted on my FB are listed below! I'm sitting here, sipping my coffee, cuddling with Charlie and struggling with tears. I should be able to describe the feelings in my...

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October Note from Steena

Monthly note from Steena about life, upcoming novels and sales. This month it's all about The Patient, crazy deals on Amazon and a new story in the works!
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A Gift For you From Tosca Lee

If you are a regular follower of my blog, you will recognize the name Tosca Lee. I'm a huge fan...and by huge I mean...she's actually an author I stalked until she recognized me by name! ( might think I'm joking but trust me, I'm not.) She has a new release...

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Trust Me: A Novel You WANT to Read

Normally when someone says 'trust me' you know right away you shouldn't. But when it comes to Hank Phillips don't need to worry. I really want to tell you about this book I have LOVED and how it's on sale...but I don't want you to miss out of the important...

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5 Steps to Changing How You Write

For years I believed I could only write one way. I believed my brain worked better between certain hours, using one specific writing program and that it took me a certain length to write a book. Sound familiar? 6 months ago my writing scheduled changed due to life. I...

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Friday Reads: The Escape Room

An escape room challenge that turns deadly. I was excited to begin reading this book the moment it hit my kindle - the concept caught my attention, I fell in love with the cover and let's face it...the idea of being stuck in an elevator with people I know better than...

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An Author’s Secret Fear

From the moment a story idea blooms in our heart and plays out in our mind, there's a small thread of fear that takes seed in a place we don't want to acknowledge. Writing is hard. Publishing is even harder. If you were to ask your favorite author the part of the...

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How To Write A Book Proposal

There is nothing more daunting than sending the novel you've been writing into the world. It doesn't matter if it's your first novel or your tenth. Trust me! Once, I thought writing a novel was the hardest thing ever. But I was wrong. It's the proposal that's hard....

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