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So thrilled to announce that I am partnering up with The LifeLine Canada Foundation in working toward suicide prevention among out teens!

This is a personal cause for me as for the past three years we have lived within the nightmarish hell of suicidal intentions and depression with one of our teen daughters.

The LifeLine Canada Foundation is a wonderful resource for both parents and teens who need help.

BUY a print copy of The Forgotten Ones and I will personally donate 50% of my earnings to this charity!


Let’s Help: National Missing Children’s Day

  Did you know over 500,000 children were reported missing in North America in 2014? That's 500,000 too many. When I first wrote Finding Emma, a story of a mother trying to find her kidnapped daughter, I knew that even though I was one person, I wanted to do my...

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Why Authors Should Partner with Charities

Authors have the gift to evoke an emotional response through words. Charities have the ability to help promote and see change. Why not join together? While I was writing Finding Emma, my heart continually broke for families who were going through the nightmare of...

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I NEED YOUR HELP! I have joined with Booksparks this year during their annual SPEAK OUT campaign. This year this focus is on putting an end to school violence and I need you to join with me too! Below is all the information (it's also found on their website) of what...

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Let’s Reunite Mother’s One Book At A Time

Did you read Finding Emma and loved it? Help spread the word so other's can love it too! On Mother's Day - let's help reunite those mother's with children who are still missing! Spread the word, buy the book as a gift, tell others about the story of a little girl...

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Our Successful Partnership Matters!

I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me in my desire to support the Missing Children's Society of Canada. I know that I said that 50% of my proceeds from each paperback copy sold would go towards this charity, but instead I was able to donate more than that....

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The Effects of Bullying – Speak Out!

Everyone, in some form or another has been subject to bullying in their life. From the time we're a small child and placed in a playpen with another child to when we go to school and even when we enter the workforce. Shoot - even as an adult I'm subject to people who...

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