There’s something about lil’ black sheep that just melts my heart. Maybe it’s because they stand out in a crowd. Maybe it’s because they’re the minority. Maybe it’s because they are just really really cute.

Single Black Lamb On Pasture In Spring


I love to give back…and one way I love to do this is by linking my stories to charities. Finding Emma is linked to The Missing Children’s Society of Canada and this upcoming Sunday is the National Missing Children’s Day. With the help of my Secret Society – we’ve created a logo for T-shirts that you can purchase and 100% of the money will be donated to this charity.

That’s right. ALL OF IT. Plus, I’ll be donating funds from the sale of Finding Emma as well. For every T-shirt sold, I will donate the royalties I would have earned from Finding Emma. So the more T-shirts that sell, the more money from the book will be donated. Here’s some samples.



Black Sheep read the end of the book first…isn’t that so cute? I love it!

I need your help! I would love to find an organization to help support for my upcoming release – Stillwater Rising. The story and series is about the aftermath of a small town school shooting – with the focus being on the town and it’s inhabitants and how they learn to heal. Do you have any suggestions?

(I’ll be announcing soon the organization that I will be supporting for The Memory Child – I wanted to find the perfect one – and I can’t wait to share it!)