I have the fabulous Jesse Kimmel-Freeman guest blogging today for our Emotional Thesaurus Workshop! Thanks for stopping by!


Hey everyone! I’m Jesse Kimmel-Freeman. I write in several genres, but the thing that connects them all is the ability to create emotion. I have both young adult crossovers and adult fiction books that depend on the characters being real. Would you read a book where the characters were bland and vanilla? I sure as heck wouldn’t. Here are some tricks that I’ve learned writing… feel free to use them yourself or ignore them completely. Writing is an art that is completely dependent on what works for you.

  1. If you aren’t feeling it, the reader won’t.- What I mean is that if you don’t find the scene or dialogue to be believable, don’t expect your reader to. Some times it takes more than one go… so be patient.
  2. I use music to help set my moods. If I want to write an angry scene, I throw on some punk or something similar. The same goes for other things, love songs work great for inspiring love.
  3. Use what has happened in your life. Things happen to you, they happen throughout your life- use those moments! If you want tears from your reader- think about what has made you cry over the years… use it. If you have a fight with someone and you’re pissed at the world try and get some of that anger down on the page.
  4. Listen to people- I’m not talking about their opinions about your work… I’m talking about what they’re saying around you. Go to a coffee shop or a bar or somewhere that people gather, just sit there and listen to them. You will hear the best things from them- things that will fit perfect into your book. Use it!
  5. Sometimes using images to help you get the right emotion down helps too. Look at things that you might expect your character to be looking at while they’re going through whatnot.

Okay, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. I wish I had tons of tips and tricks, heck I might and just not realize it. I’m not an expert, these are just the things that have worked for me.

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