I’m so excited to announce this month long workshop!

Emotions. They can make or break a story. They are the words you use to describe the way your characters react to a situation. They are the way you entice your readers to want to read on. They are the essence of what a reader will remember when they are finished your book.

But they’re not easy to write. All of July we are going to be dealing with emotions in our writing. And at the end there is a special treat.

To help celebrate the release of the The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression by Angela Ackerman &Becca Puglisi – we are going to be using their thesaurus to help you – yes YOU – strengthen your novel. Here’s how this will work … I need 5 volunteers to be willing to offer up a scene in their current WIP where they would like help strengthening the emotions. Email me your scene – max 2 pages double spaced (no erotica scenes please) and I will pass these along to both Angela and Becca. Not every scene will be critiqued but portions of the samples they do choose will be posted publicly on July 30th with their critique.

I’m VERY excited about this! For a couple of reasons. These two are phenomenal writers and the Emotional Thesaurus is now my GO TO book when I need to strengthen a scene – she smiled, laughed, frowned just doesn’t cut it anymore, you know? I’ve had so many readers comment on the emotional level within Finding Emma that it is now crucial for me to ensure I not only maintain this level but go beyond in future stories.

If you are interested, I will need your samples to be emailed to me by July 15th – steena@steenaholmes.com.

Are you in? Are you ready to dig deep to bring out the necessary emotions on your pages and within your characters? I know I am!

*also … if you love writing emotional scenes and have a great tip – I would love to have you guest blog this month!*