“A thrilling gothic house party mystery”

In person, Raven Hall is even grander than she’d imagined—even with damage from a fire decades before—but the walls seem to have eyes. As day turns to night, Sadie starts to feel that there’s something off about the glamorous guests who arrive, and as the party begins, it becomes chillingly apparent their unseen host is playing games with everyone…including her.


I love house party style mysteries, the delicious way you get to know each character and their secrets, the suspense the fills each page, the pace that leaves you turning page after page, not being able to wait to find out how the story ends…

The Perfect Guests is exactly this and more. Told from two storylines, Raven Hall becomes a place you envision in your minds eye, it becomes a character within the story that you become invested in.

Did I see the ending? No. In fact, I had a lot of ideas on what could be happening but the truth was never one of those ideas – which is something I love btw! I love when I can be surprised like I was.


 Do I recommend this read? If you enjoy gothic style mysteries, if you like to be surprised…then yes, I would suggest you grab this book and enjoy it!

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