I’m a little late with my #fridayreads recommendation but if you are looking for a book to get lost in, how about Emily Cavanagh’s latest – THE BLOOM GIRLS?

A little background on Emily…

Emily Cavanagh is a writer, teacher, and mother. Her work has been published in Grain Magazine, Transfer,The Vineyard Gazette, and Martha’s Vineyard Arts and Ideas among other online and print publications. Emily lives on the island of Martha’s Vineyard with her husband and their two daughters. Her first novel, THE BLOOM GIRLS released in March 2017 (Lake Union Publishing). Her next book, THIS BRIGHT BEAUTY, will release in March of 2018. She’s currently at work on a novel that takes place on a fictional island very similar to Martha’s Vineyard. 


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Franci and Lottie may be identical twins, but that’s where the similarities end. Franci has always been the stable one, while Lottie has bipolar disorder, constantly battling depression and mania. After years of taking care of her sister, Franci moves across the country to build a life for herself. Now, all the two share is distance.

But when Lottie gets in an accident, Franci reluctantly steps back into her familiar role as protector. She returns to find her sister’s life in complete disarray and makes a shocking discovery: Lottie has an infant daughter she never told Franci about. Although Franci swore she wouldn’t get sucked back in, she can’t leave the baby alone in Lottie’s care.

As Lottie further unravels, a secret is revealed that she has kept since childhood—one that has the power to reframe the sisters’ entire relationship, forcing Franci to ask herself if the secret was too much for Lottie to bear. Was the accident really an accident, and who has been protecting whom all these years?


Say you have a secret stash of treats around the house. Where would it be and what would you hide?
Top shelf of the pantry, pushed way in the back so my daughters won’t discover it. Inside you’ll likely find a stockpile of Irish candy (my husband is from Ireland and each year we bring back a supply that is replenished through care packages each Christmas and birthday). The Wine Gums and Boost bars are my favorites.

What would be the perfect food and drink pairing for your book?
There are a few different drinks consumed during the book– a nice glass of red wine, a gin and tonic, or a mojito would all go well with reading. Pair it with a bunch of easy appetizers like cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, a bowl of olives and some pot stickers, and you get a night off cooking.

Do you collect anything?
Other than books, I collect magnets from every place I visit. It started when my husband and I drove cross-country from California to Massachusetts right before we got married. We bought a magnet in every city or town that we stayed. It’s become a tradition, and now our refrigerator is a reminder of all of the places we’ve gone together.

What’s one word your friends would use to describe you?
Oh, that’s a tricky one to answer without coming off as self-deprecating or arrogant. I think I’m going to have to go with “driven”, as most of my friends know how hard I’ve worked to pursue writing.

Tell us one secret behind the writing of your latest book:
THIS BRIGHT BEAUTY was actually written several years before THE BLOOM GIRLS (which released last March). It was inspired by an article I read in the newspaper that involved twin sisters, one of whom was suffering from some sort of mental breakdown, and a tragedy involving the children of the other sister. While THIS BRIGHT BEAUTY is not about the events as I read them in the article, I did become interested in the bond between twins and how this changes when one becomes a mother. I wanted to explore the codependency such a relationship might have if one of the twins was battling mental illness and the other was torn between wanting to help her sister and needing to protect her own children. That exploration was the basis for the book. My first daughter was born during my first revision and that played a huge role in my understanding of both of the characters.



Website: http://www.emilycavanaghauthor.com


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