Be prepared for a book-hangover!

I always think I’m ready for a Kimberly Belle novel.

I know it will be a page turner, the beautiful cadence will tease me, the characters will be so well developed I feel as if I know them. What I’m never ready for is the ride Kimberly takes me on from start to finish.

I ‘think” I know what is happening, how the book will finish but then with whip-lash accuracy, things twist and unwind and by the time I finish the last word of her novel, I’m struggling to process everything I’d just read.

Book-hangover x’s 100.

Dear Wife is a book you will NOT want to miss!

Once again, Kimberly Belle hooked me from beginning to end with Dear Wife and I can’t wait for everyone else to enjoy this book as much as I have!

Dear Wife comes out June 25th, 2019. I strongly recommend you preorder this via your local indie bookstore or wherever you like to purchase your books.

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