Who wants a new book hangover?

Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle.
This is the book hangover selection of the month! It’s also now available to order! Click the link, buy the book (if you haven’t already).

Oh My SWEET JELLY BEANS. This book was good. If you read my original review when I first finished this book, you’ll recall how much I love this book.

Here’s a few of my ‘no secret’ things when it comes to this author and this book:

  • I fan girl over Kimberly Belle on a regular basis. She’s probably ready to trip me the next time I walk beside her.
  • I love every single book she’s written.
  • We are 2 of 6 founding authors in an amazing readers group on FB called Readers Coffeehouse. (which means I chat with her on a regular basis and manage to keep that ‘squeal’ of excitement from my messages. LOL
  • This book is one of those that need to come with a warning label: EVERYONE LEAVE ME ALONE… because you’re not going to want to put it down.
  • You think you’ll know what’s happening, what the twist is…but I promise you, you won’t see it coming – because I kept trying to guess and kept getting it wrong.
  • You will be haunting your bookstore or amazon or Kimberly’s website to find out when her next book comes out and then groan because you have to wait HOW LONG??? LOL
Dear Wife…you need to read this!

I wrote a review on BookBub shortly after reading this novel:

Be prepared for a book-hangover! I always think I’m ready for a Kimberly Belle novel. I know it will be a page turner, the beautiful cadence will tease me, the characters will be so well developed I feel as if I know them. What I’m never ready for is the ride Kimberly takes me on from start to finish. I ‘think” I know what is happening, how the book will finish but then with whip-lash accuracy, things twist and unwind and by the time I finish the last word of her novel, I’m struggling to process everything I’d just read. Book-hangover times 100. Once again, Kimberly Belle hooked me from beginning to end with Dear Wife and I can’t wait for everyone else to enjoy this book as much as I have!

I can promise you – I DID NOT LIE. I still think about this book and the way she wove the storyline.

It’s out today, so I highly recommend you start reading it if you haven’t all ready!