Last year I feel in love with Paris. 8087b10793abdaa364268298f0f5eca2

I’m not sure if it was the cobbled streets, the plethora of patisseries, watching a man feed pigeons at the Notre Dame, viewing the Eiffle Tower up close (from the ground, I don’t like heights) or eating all the delicious macarons, pastries and chocolates?

There was this unique little restaurant called Nos Ancestres Les Gaulois. My friend, who lives in Germany now, told me about it and I’m so glad she did. While situated on ‘Ile Saint-Louise’, behind Notre Dame, it felt like I was in a small countryside tavern, not in the middle of a large city. There were barrels of wine we could fill our glass with all night, a basket was brought to our table with fresh produce in which we could make our own salad and the food…amazing. It was probably the best meal we ate in Paris.

One of my favorite things to do last year was walk around the area we were staying. There was a little shop just around the corner with amazing hot chocolate and macarons. There was also this cute little chocolate shop down a cobbled street where I filled a bag with treats I had meant to bring home but somehow never did.


I’m heading back to Paris again in a few weeks (a last minute trip that I’m so excited about). Last year, Paris was in the middle of my ‘chocolate tour’ but this year it’s at the beginning. I bought good walking shoes this time and can’t wait to visit the Louvre and Angelina’s and see the flowers bloom. We’re even going to head to Versailles this time (last year we had to do some last minute plan changes due to sore feet and food sickness).  I can’t wait to visit the lock bridge again this year and take more images of the things I fell in love with.

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Last year I took you along with me – by posting pictures here and on my Facebook page. I plan to do that again. I hope you’ll enjoy as I show you Paris in Spring.