Safety is a right, not a privilege. Especially when it comes to our children. As a mother, it hurts my heart to know that my children are not guaranteed this right, that their safety – especially in a school setting – is not something they can take for granted anymore.

Do you remember the days when we could go to school and not worry about setting off the alarm? Or when the most excitement we had was someone lighting a cigarette too close to the smoke alarm and we all had to rush outside and fool around until forced back into class? Stop School Violence

Sadly – those aren’t memories our children will have. They’ll remember the security as they walk into school, how certain words couldn’t even be whispered, the anti-bully and gun violence sessions they went to. They will remember being afraid way too often as they hear of other schools being closed due to gun violence.

Gun violence. In our schools. I’m very glad – let me repeat – very glad – to live in Canada where this is the exception and not the rule. I hate that it is becoming the norm in schools in America. I hate that the surety of security is no longer there. Our children’s lives are no longer secure in schools, that things likebulletproof security blankets have to be created and available for children.

Why is it okay that something like these bulletproof blankets are even necessary for our children?

I wish we could reverse time and live in a society where gun violence isn’t a regular occurrence in the school system. I wish our children could walk to school in peace, that they could learn and grown and socialize at school without the fear of worrying for their lives, I wish that places like Sandy Hook and Newton never had to go through the trauma and horror of experiencing gun violence first hand in their school.

Our children need to be protected. They need to feel safe and secure and I hate that things like ‘bulletproof security blankets’ are becoming necessary and may one day protect the life of a child/teacher during the school hours.

(this is just one mother’s rant over the safety of not only her child, but for children everywhere)