We all love the book lists that readers like you and I put out…you can find them all over the web and on Goodreads and in different reader groups on Facebook.

I have a list as well, but after reading this book…that list pales in comparison. If you could only read one book and one book only…and if you are ready to be a sobbing mess but have your heart changed…then this is the book to read.

Julie Lawson Timmer…if you ever read this post, I want you to know that you touched my heart in such a way that while I was a sobbing mess as I turned each and every page (yes, I’m was literally either in tears or struggling to not cry because people were giving me odd looks in the airport and on the beach), but my thinking changed on so many levels. Not just how I want to parent my teens but how I want to live my life, how I need to live my life and how I need to cherish those around me more than I have.

Julie, every word you wrote was…amazing. You brought me along for a ride from the very beginning, you made every single emotion powerful and every action visual. This is a story that will be in my heart forever. It’s also a story that I will read over and over and over…

It’s also a story that I want to give away! Yes…if you are still reading, you read that right. Merry Christmas!

Comment on this post (not in the email if you’ve received this that way)  if you want to start your 2016 reading year with a powerful story! I will announce January 1st the winner of this giveaway (one random person form the comments) and I’ll send you a PRINT copy from Amazon!