I have a question…

What are you reading right now? Do you like it? Is it the type of book you can’t put down, the kind where you’re up all night, when you say just one more page or one more chapter…

If so, I want to know about it! My kindle is full, my night stand has 3 stacks of unread books on it and yet, nothing is calling to me.

I blame it all on Kimberly Belle and Dear Wife…that hangover is still real (not sure what I’m talking about…click here to read my post).

The good news with not getting lost in a book is I’m able to work on my own. I’m 15k into a new story that I’m really enjoying and I can’t wait to make it available to you! I had one of those ‘honest’ discussions with my reader group about a publishing schedule and what kind of books they want from me, in my reader group on FB.

The writing isn’t as fast as I’d hoped … I recently took on a part-time job as an evening reception, working with an boss from my past, and those hours keep increasing which means, my writing time decreases. The good news – I’m doing this for my mental health (after 8 yrs of writing full time from home, it’s nice to get out a few days a week, get dressed in clothes other than what I’d call ‘comfy clothes’ and talk with human beings).

Okay, back to my original question…what is everyone reading? Leave a comment, let me know if it’s something I should buy..and who knows, maybe you’ll find something new to read as well!

I do have one book to recommend…The Forgotten Ones. If you haven’t read it yet, Amazon has it on sale right now – the Kindle version for only $1.99 or less.

If you like audio books – Abby’s Journey audio CD is selling for only $1.99 and apparently there’s only 1 copy left on Amazon. Who will buy it? Is it you? Let me know!

PS…If you’ve read any of my books and enjoyed them, would you be so kind to leave a review? It doesn’t matter where – Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, your blog…every review helps to spread the word and it’s one of the guaranteed ways to share the love!