One of my favorite trips that I’ve ever taken was to experience the German Christmas Markets a few years ago while writing Abby’s Journey (have you read it yet?).

I loved it so much that I haven’t stopped thinking about it. I was only able to visit a handful of them (Nuremberg, Regensburg, Munich, Austria…) but I’ve been wanting to go back and visit more!

There’s something about the Christmas markets. It’s a magical experience, and I’d love for you to experience this too!

In fact, I’ve decided we actually should do this together, so I’m in the process of putting together a…

Chocolate and Trinkets Christmas Market River Tour for authors and readers in 2019! 

I can’t tell you more (although I’m bubbling over with excitement about some of the authors who are coming) but if you want more information….here’s a sign up form so I can share it with you!

I’m interested!

I hope you’ll sign up for more information! I hope you’ll start thinking about this amazing trip and start saving those pennies…because there’s no one I’d rather share this experience with than you…my amazing readers! Trust me, it’s going to be a blast…I promise!