It’s snowing and even though I still have a plethora of boxes to unpack I’m in the mood for some hot cocoa and cookies. Every winter season I go through a lot of hot chocolate – my three girls love it, I love it…the only one who doesn’t like it is my husband, but that’s okay, because it means more for us! My girls know that there are two kinds of cocoa – the one they can have, and then mine (isn’t that always the way, moms?). I love to buy specialty cocoa and add a few teaspoons to my coffee as a treat. Today while grocery shopping I found some delicious candy canes and what better use than in my hot chocolate!

This year, I’ve been seeing tons of recipes and pictures for homemade cocoa and I’ve decided to make my own. And this recipe will go perfect with my chocolate chip cookies that never seem to last long in this house.

candycane cocoa