When you think of Christmas baking – do you envision cookies or does your mouth start watering as you think about all those pans of squares that are made?

We had a great Week 1 in the Sweet Swap! Thank you everyone for sharing your recipes on pinterest, here and on my author page! This week we’re going to focus on squares – so if you have any awesome recipes you would like to share – please do! And remember – there’s a prize at the end of the week! At the bottom of this post is last weeks winner 🙂

I’m a day late in posting this recipe and the winner from last week – my husband and I did an ‘last minute’ holiday with the kids to Disneyland. The weather here at home was in the -30’s with the windchill – and we couldn’t wait to escape to the warm weather in California. Imagine our surprise when we got there and found we had to wear our sweaters and wished for mitts. BRR…it was cold (although, not as cold as home).


Back to the topic at hand…squares. My mom recently sent me containers of her baking. Our package came while I was out of the house and so by the time I got to the container there were hardly any cookies left…but my kids did leave me at least 1 piece of my favorite square….a Peanut Butter Marshmallow Square. This is probably a ‘must have’ in our household – especially at Christmas.

Peanutbutter Marshmallow squares

via Foodsapor

You can add some cocoa to this mix (add it to the peanut butter mixture) so that it becomes a Chocolate Peanut Butter square. Trust me – it’s delicious!


Week 1 Winner

Congratulations Tina! Thank you for sharing your recipes!
Expect your prize in the mail soon.

I’m sure you’re asking how you can enter to win the awesome prize for this week, right? Well….it’s quite easy! Share your recipes with me via my website (post your recipe in the comments, post them on my FB page, tag me if you post your recipe on your own FB page and I’ll share them on my page or share a recipe with me on Pinterest. Each time you do – you’ll be entered to win.


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~Taste of Home Recipe Collection Magazine
~Double Chocolate Cocoa Mix
~3D Puzzle Cookie Cutter
~Canadian Sugar Cookie
~Godiva Chocolates
~Recipe Organizer

So tell me…what’s your favorite square recipe? Or do you have a different recipe for Peanut Butter Squares you’d like to share?