From the very beginning today was a day where I planned to spoil myself. I know, I know … you’re probably thinking I’ve been spoiled this whole trip – and that is true. From being upgraded to first class on my flight to London, to getting a princess room in Brugge and having a good friend come with me while in London and Paris so I wouldn’t be alone – yes, I’ve been spoiled. But today was meant to be the end of my celebration and I wanted to do it in style.

I had enough points to get a suite at the St. Pancreas Hotel – and let me tell you … my bedroom is larger than my living room and kitchen combined.  I have a butler service, huge bathtub that I can sink into and then access to the chambers for food and wine – all complimentary. To top it off, I’m giving my feet the royal treatment and getting a foot/leg massage and pedicure (oh my achy feet…).

But this day ‘me’ day almost didn’t happen. I made a foolish mistake and almost had a panic attack!

I didn’t sleep well last night – too excited to come home and already missing a town I fell in love with. I woke up early and decided to walk around Brugge once more. It was gorgeous. Hardly anyone was out and those that were rode bikes. Doves were flying about and there was a stillness to the air. I loved it.

I stopped and ate some Belgium waffles with strawberries and whipped cream and even added the chocolate sauce to it! I also had some hot chocolate – I’ll be the first to admit I’d rather hot chocolate over champagne for breakfast 🙂 (although – I will never turn down champagne when it’s offered!)

The train from Brugge to Brussels was tranquil. The carriage was empty and I enjoyed all the tiny black and white lambs that dotted the countryside as I made my way.

But the moment I got in Brussels, I panicked. Not sure why. Maybe I was tired. Maybe it was the lack of coffee. I couldn’t find the large sculpted chocolate train I was searching for and I couldn’t find an empty seat to sit in while waiting for my train to board. Ten minutes before boarding, a hive of teenagers bombarded the sitting area but I managed to snag the last empty chair. For some reason, I took of my purse and set it down to get something out of my bag, the boarding beeps were heard and I joined the swarm as we made our way for the doors.

Leaving my purse behind!

ACK! I didn’t even notice until on the train, my bags stowed, my coat off and I’m sitting down. I reached to the floor for my purse for handcream and that’s when the panic attack hit! OMG. I rushed off the train. I had 5 min to get back to my seat and I prayed so hard that my purse would be there! I ran down the hallway and thankfully, at the door, stood a woman holding my purse. She must have seen the panic on my face … she handed me my bag and pushed me back towards my train.


My passport, money and everything else was in that purse! I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am it wasn’t stolen. This day would not have ended has well if it had been! I’m thankful for the angel watching out for me today, let me tell you!

Tomorrow I have some fun stuff to announce…so stay tuned!