In all my searching all I heard about is how the shops in Brugge close on Sundays.

Knowing this, I had a plan of attack. To find as many of the 50+ chocolate shops as I could the moment I arrived on Saturday until they shut down at 6pm and then soak my poor feet in the bath tub for the remainder of the night. I expected to take a carriage tour and then a trip down the canal while snapping photos and praying I could find a patisserie or something open so I wouldn’t starve to death.

Apparently, all I had read was wrong. Lies. Vicious, evil, conniving lies. I even asked the concierge at the hotel and he confirmed all the shops would be closed. I’ll admit – I found it odd that a town that thrived on tourism would close on a Sunday but I figured it was how life used to be in Canada as a teen – when my small town would close it’s doors, bar it’s windows and have afternoon naps while kids played outside. Wrong. Totally wrong.

After indulging in a delightful breakfast with champagne (can you imagine drinking champagne for breakfast? Neither could I … until I found out it’s quite normal and I quite enjoy it! Puts me in my happy place …) I ventured outside and took a step back to see the crowds along the canal bridges. What was I thinking? How silly of me to think this town fell quiet on Sundays.

I passed shop after shop with their doors open and customers coming out with ice cream cones in hand and first thought only a small selection of shops would be open. But when I reached the Market I realized it was only a small selection of shops that were actually closed – and none of them were my chocolate shops!!! WOO HOO!

Today was a delightful day. A day that put a song in my heart and a smile on my face and filled up my cup which was quite empty. I’m ready to come home now. My goal has been reached – I feel quite spoiled, quite happy and quite ready to get back to my schedule.

But first – I had to make a stop at the Choco-Story museum. Oh yes…while on my carriage ride, I made my driver show me where it was and that was the first place I went to. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting .. but I got the story behind chocolate, how hot chocolate became so popular and even bought a ton of stuff there (quite a lot of it is for you all … I’ll be doing contests and prizes with all this chocolate stuff).

I literally fell in love with this small town. I enjoyed London and Paris, but this town … there’s something magical about it. Each street I walked down, every time I stopped…it felt right, like it was more than just a vacation to me, to my soul. I can see myself coming back here, but next time, not alone. I’d love to share with it with my husband, with my daughters, with my close girlfriends.

It will be hard to leave it tomorrow.