black sheep - stonehenge

You might have noticed a little black lamb in photos that I took while over in London and Paris if you liked my Facebook Author Page and keep up to date with my posts.

If you are part of my Secret Society, then you know that I love black sheep. I always have. It all goes back to when I was a teenager and in Scotland…the moment I saw little black lambs in the field I was in love and have collected them every since – which is very hard to do. I have only 4 black sheep in my collection so far and it’s been over 20 yrs now. While at Stonehenge I found 2 stuffed black lambs and you can bet I bought them and they now hold a prominent place in my office 🙂

What do you collect that has been hard for you to find throughout the years? I’m not talking things you can pick up at any local store or when they are in season..but those personal, one of a kind type items? The ones that have stories behind them?

Maybe one day I’ll share my real story about why I love these wee little things so much – other than because it was love at first site 😉