To you, the writer who is hiding behind the screen, playing with a manuscript you’ve worked for years on. You, the one who joins every group they can find on publishing and writing and being an author. You, the one who really wants to write but is too scared to.

I’m over at Writers In the Storm and I’ve written you a letter. A letter that says I understand about those fears, those worries…I understand because not only have I been there, but I’m there right now too.

It doesn’t matter how many books you’ve written or published. It doesn’t matter if you are working with an editor, you’re published by one of the big publishing houses or if you are one of those ‘mega authors’ who can do no wrong…we are all faced with fears.

  • What if this is the book where I forget how to write?
  • What if this book sucks?
  • What if this book fails miserably?
  • What if everything I do doesn’t matter?
  • What if…

That barely skims the surface on the things we can fear as writers. The list goes on and on and on and…this isn’t helping, isn’t it? Or maybe it is…knowing you’re not alone? That we all go through this?

Come on over to Writers in the Storm. Check out my letter. Comment – so we as a community can help each other…and feel frees to share the link.

(PS…if you are have recently visited my website via your mobile and got code…sorry! I’ve no idea what went wrong but am trying to fix…)