Yesterday was the release of my latest novel – The Word Game. Here’s a little message I created for readers…enjoy!

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I’m sure I’ll say this for every novel I write, but this one really made me nervous. This story was so hard for me to write – there’s a lot of me (character wise) in both the sisters you’ll meet in this story. Raising daughters – especially teenage ones – is not an easy task and most days (okay, who am I kidding….every day) I feel like I’m failing.

Protecting my girl’s innocence has always been paramount to me – I want them to grow up knowing only love and safety and if I could, I’d hide them away from all the evil in the world…but I know that’s only a fantasy and not a reality. So while wanting to protect their innocence, I’ve also had to teach them how to protect themselves as well – not just their bodies, but their minds, their hearts, their emotions…

Did I mention that raising girls is hard?

I used that internal struggle to write this story, to mold the sisters and their very different ways of parenting.

I hope you’ll enjoy!

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