In the heat of the moment, it’s really hard to remember that it’s so important to watch the things we say. As authors, it’s something we really need to be aware of, no matter what the situation is. Yes, it’s okay to get upset about an issue and want to use your platform to get the message out, but before you do so…maybe take the time to really think about what you’re saying.

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Remember – the words we type and release into the world wide web will never disappear. As an author – you have the ability to craft your words in a way that holds power. Use that ability wisely. And remember – everyone is watching you.

As an author (whether traditional or indie), there are so many reasons lately why you could hold offence. It’s not fair that you can’t get into major bookstores. Or maybe there are reviewers who refuse to read your novel mainly because you’re a self published author. Maybe you’ve been rejected over and over by agents or publishers. Maybe your publisher isn’t promoting your book the way you think they should you or you got a cover you hate. Maybe you thought you were in your right to get your rights back and was denied. Maybe the reviews you receive hurt or you get a 1 star review for the stupidest of reasons. Or maybe you don’t like a service that is being offered by another
company or feel that authors are being used and abused…maybe you’ve taken a stand and are getting tired of seeing it ignored…whatever the reason…watch what you say in regards to topics.

Why? I’m can hear someone mentally arguing with me. Why can’t you post whatever you please, say whatever you like? Well…you can. By all means, do. But realize there may be consequences. You may lose readers. You may lose a potential reviewer. You may lose a contract. You may lose some friends.

Remember –  you have a brand that you are building. If that brand is you saying whatever you want – then please disregard this message.

But if it’s not…then think before you type. Even if it’s in a private group full of only other authors whom you believe should understand what you are trying to say. Because not everyone will.

You can also apply this to photos you post or repost.

Just my two cents – for what they are worth. Do you agree or do you think I’m off the wall on this?