Will you join me in speaking out against school violence? Together we can make a difference, I know we can!

In writing my new Stillwater Bay series, I’ve come to realize that what we had as children growing up isn’t there anymore.


It’s not okay for our children to go to school being scared. Metal detectors, guards, constant vigilance…that shouldn’t be the norm.

Our teachers should feel safe in the classrooms, our children should be full of smiles and laughter and excited about their lives.

Instead of celebrating a book release the way I normally would…I’d use today to make a difference. I’m so excited to work with Booksparks on this #SAVEDay campaign against violence in our countries – especially when it concerns our children and our schools. One person can make a difference but together…we can create miracles! Thank you for purchasing a copy of Before The Storm and in joining hands with me to help end school violence and making our children’s world a safer place.

Download these graphics and share them – post them on your blog, on Facebook, add them to Pinterest….

image-2 image

And don’t forget to buy your copy of BEFORE THE STORM! 100% of all the books bought today will go to various charities to help end school violence!


Thank you 🙂