Every story I write is different and requires different types of research. Sometimes it requires hours of text or phone calls with specialists, internet searches, books to read…but sometimes it requires hand-on type fun.

By fun, I mean hours spend looking through Pinterest or planning a trip – something you all know I love to do. #steenatravels

Right now I’m working on a novel where Christmas Markets set in Germany is a huge theme. The first thing I did was go on pinterest and start looking at photos, reading blogs and website articles, searched for the best markets in Germany and I realized something. Every market is different. Every market has a theme and there was no way I could throughly grasp the full experience without going there myself.

Once I realize that…I was like a kid in a chocolate shop. I quickly checked my travel budget to see if I could swing a quick trip to Germany. Check. Can I bring someone with me? Check – my daughter is so excited. Should I do this… Check.

EEK! I’m headed to Germany!

Want to come with me? Join me online…Here’s my pinterest board with things I’ve pinned to help me research. Follow along on my author page on Facebook  and Instagram while I post photos of where I am and what I’m seeing. Check out my travel blog (the link is on the right side of the screen at the top…). And maybe…maybe we could do this as a trip one year in person. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Here’s some sites that I’ve been looking at to help me. I’ll be touring the Bavaria region and I’m so excited!