I’m sitting in my comfy chair, the chair that I sit in every day while I spend time working on my passion – writing. I’m sitting in my comfy chair, drinking a mocha and I can’t stop the grin that covers my face.


Because, it’s in the quiet moments – when the only sound is the typing on my keyboard – that I realize my dream has come true. And it feels oh so good!

We all have dreams. For writers – its to hold our book in our hands, to know that we’re not alone in loving the story that we created. For mothers – it’s to see their children become independent adults yet still knowing they’ll always need their moms. For some it could be to own their own business, create their own miracles … we all have them.

For three years I have had a dream about finding others who would fall in love with Emma as much as I have. For three years I’ve cried over this story as I wrote, rewrote and rewrote some more. I’ve celebrated with friends as agents requested the full and then emptied kleenex boxes when the rejection emails filled my inbox. I’ve made chocolate cake every time I received a ‘revision’ letter – because it meant they didn’t hate it and were willing to love it … if I would make the changes they wanted.

And then I realized that as long as I loved this story that was all that matters. Realizing that – has changed my life. Changed how I view my writing and my stories. Realizing that believing in myself was the most important thing – that has changed my world.

For three long years I have held onto a dream and this past month it has come true. Not only have I made more money that I had dreamed (far exceeded my goals) but we’ve raised more money than I thought possible in 13 days!!

13 days! I can’t wait to tell you how much is being donated to The Missing Children’s Society of Canada. I can’t wait!!!  I’m already amazed at the amount – and it’s only the middle of the month!!

So, as I sit here, in my comfy chair, drinking hot chocolate – there’s something I want to say.

Thank you.

Thank you to those who bought Finding Emma, downloaded, borrowed, believed in this story. Thank you for falling in love with a little girl and her grandpa, for being heartbroken with her mother. Thank you for all the emails you’ve sent me telling me how much you have loved Emma. I cry every. single. time I read those emails. And I answer them – always saying the same thing – thank you for falling in love with Emma. It means the world to me. 

And it does.

For every person who has loved Emma – I would gladly share my chocolate with you. In a heartbeat. And that’s sayin’ something!