I was recently asked to choose a word to live by for the year. In the past, I’ve always chosen words like passion, truth, love, dream – all words that were strong and powerful and true. These were words I would write on my board close to my desk and look at each day, reminding myself why I chose that word, how important it was to me.

I originally had my word for this year as heart. This year I wanted to write from the heart, live with real emotion, to grow and be a better person, a better mother, a better wife.

I’m changing that word. Things have happened within my own life where some changes are needed – we all go through those seasons, right?


I’m choosing the word PROCLAIM for many reasons. When you proclaim something, you are declaring it, making it truth, giving it power.

Psalm 118:17 is a verse I have held close to my heart for many years, ever since I was a teen.

“I will not die but live and proclaim what the Lord has done.” 

This year – starting today – I am proclaiming peace over my own heart and over my family. I’m proclaiming safety and lives full of love. I’m choosing comfort and ease of mind. Not just over my family but over myself, over my writing.

This hasn’t been an easy year so far. Life has a way of keeping things interesting, of making us take notice of things we might wish to ignore if we had the choice and I’m okay with that. It means that I’m not remaining stagnant, that I’m open to change and willing to change. It’s not easy but we don’t expect it to be, right?

Have you picked a word to live by for this year? It’s never too late to choose one.