Oh Summerland…what is going on with you?

There are so many themes going on in this book…from teenage alcohol abuse to  neglect parenting to over parenting, to true love and comfortable love … there’s so much that is going on and I am thoroughly enjoying it all!

Our hostess this month ~ the lovely Natasha Price ~ has offered up some great discussion questions – let’s talk about the book first and then I have some awesome news to share about next months book!

Book Club Discussion

  • What effect does the move between 1st & 3rd person narratives have within the story?
  • What themes are you finding interesting in the various characters stories? Personally I am intrigued by Dermenters alcohol issues and the reasons behind it.
  • How do you think Zoe’s past affected her children’s actions?
  • Jacob moved his family away after the crash, what reasons beyond taking his son away from the site of the crash, do you think we’re behind that decision?

I love the move between the 1st & 3rd person narratives – I think that’s the #1 thing that draws me in the most. But what about you? I know not everyone likes this in a book…I’m interested to know your thoughts.

I want to know more about Dermenters’ secret – don’t you? Why is she drinking so much and why are her parents blind to this? As a mother – I would ‘hope’ that I would notice my child drinking…I hope. And what about the family she stole the alcohol from – why didn’t they say anything and why would they have her come back? I wouldn’t…no way would I have someone back after finding that out.

Zoe…oh Zoe. Okay, let’s talk about her…go for it…

As for Jacob and why he moved away…that man needs to own up to his own emotions and feelings. Running like he did wasn’t the right move. He left his newspaper – which I find very hard to accept as a real action – and instead of being a man and stepping up as a father to help his son, it’s like he’s ignoring the issues and trying to hide from them.

What do you guys think?

Next Month

I’m so excited to announce next months book club selection. Are you ready? Cause not only do we have an awesome book to read but…the author is going to join us for a chat on her book!

Next months book is: