I’m reading up a storm this month and I’m loving it! It’s been so long since I’ve had a chance to just read…maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe it’s the fact I can’t sleep but I’m going through a book every two or three days and it’s amazing! I know you understand what it’s like, right?

While I’m sure it’s the cold and not being able to sleep that’s helping, but I know it’s also because I sent in a proposal to my editor, and rather than stress about her response, I’ve been pouring through books – many I love and some for a contest I’m helping to judge. I have some favourites that I thought I’d share with you…  and don’t forget to check out my upcoming release that I share below … THE PATIENT: A therapist must face her own worst fear—one of her patients is a serial killer.

New Releases:

  • Line Between by Tosca Lee (I read an early copy and LOVED it!)
  • Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff (I bought this at my local bookstore and had a great conversation with a fellow reader who is a huge fan and has read every book by Pam Jenoff.)
  • An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen (I read an early copy and I couldn’t put it down!)

Others I Recommend:

  • Cut and Run by Mary Burton (This was my first book by Mary Burton and OMG I’m hooked! So hooked that I bought another…)
  • Her Last Word by Mary Burton ON SALE … I’ll start this tonight!
  • When We Fell by Elena Aitken (I’ve always enjoyed Elena’s books an I know many of you enjoy them too! This is her latest…)

My Books On Sale:

I LOVE when my publisher places my books on sale! If you haven’t read these ones yet, now is a great time!

Have you heard that I have a new book coming out in October? I LOVE this book! It’s so different than what I’ve written in the past and stretched me as a writer! THE PATIENT . I hope you’ll take a look!