My TBR pile just decreased – or so I thought.

I recently just finished The Returned by Jason Mott. 

I’ve got to say, the premise interested me. What would happen if my loved ones, already deceased, came back – with no warning? What if it were a spouse – and I had already remarried? What if it were a child that I had prayed daily to hold in my arms again? What if it were a friend who died too early?

The concept goes beyond a personal level – what would happen world wide if this was occurred – if ALL our loved ones returned? How would the world governments handle such a crisis – the worlds population would grow, lack of food, shelter, resources… it’s an interesting idea.

The story focuses on a family who lost their only child fifty years back. The couple, older, wise and more set in their ways, are your average grandparents – I smiled at their bickering and cried at their steadfast love and faith.

There were some plot lines that I wished had been explored more – but when I realized this morning that there are more stories out there dealing with exactly what I wanted more of – well, you can image I picked those up (they were free when I found them) and added them to my TBR pile. At least – I hope they explore the issues I’m really wanting closure on. Like why did they start arriving and how are they leaving…I have a feeling the author really didn’t want to tackle these issues so he left it up to the reader to draw their own conclusions. I read some of the reviews and they called it lazy writing. I’m not so sure…if there had been an explanation, I might not have agreed with it and discounted the book right away OR I might have disagreed or not liked it and stopped reading.

Either way…I’m looking forward to reading these short stories.

Which means – even though I took one book off my TBR pile, I added 3 more to it. LOL

Have you read The Returned by Jason Mott yet?